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Join LearningMate as a Fresher Subject Matter Expert (Computer Science) and work remotely from the comfort of your own home. Gain valuable experience while contributing to the education industry. Apply now and kickstart your career with a reputable and innovative company.

Work From Home / Remote

About LearningMate

LearningMate is a global eLearning company that provides innovative and technology-driven solutions to the education industry. With over two decades of experience, LearningMate is dedicated to transforming the way students learn and educators teach.

Our team of experts combines their deep understanding of educational pedagogy with cutting-edge technology to create engaging and personalized learning experiences. We offer a wide range of services, including content development, learning management systems, digital assessments, and data analytics.

Job Overview:

We are seeking highly skilled and knowledgeable Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to join our team. As an SME, you will be responsible for creating and solving subject-specific problems (questions/exercises) on an online portal. Your expertise and attention to detail will be crucial in providing accurate and high-quality solutions for varying levels of complexity. The ideal candidate should have a passion for the subject, possess exceptional problem-solving abilities, and demonstrate a strong commitment to maintaining academic integrity.

Primary Responsibilities:

● Create and solve subject-specific problems (Questions/Exercises) in a detailed step-by-step manner on the online portal, adhering to specific duration, productivity targets, and quality parameters.

● Strictly follow the zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism and project-specific guidelines to ensure the originality and authenticity of the content.

● Utilize proficient computer skills, including MS Word, Excel, and web browsing to efficiently perform tasks and use technological tools effectively. Must have exceptional typing skills.

● Display adaptability by learning and adapting to new tasks or platforms based on dynamic project requirements.

● Demonstrate the ability to quickly grasp and understand new, unknown, or critical subject concepts.

● Collaborate with other SMEs/peers to enhance the accuracy, language proficiency, and overall quality of solution content created by your team for the benefit of students.

● Possess the flexibility to work in different shift timings as needed.

Job Requirements:

Remote / Work From Home

  • Ctc 2 - 2.8 lacs
  • Freshers Can Apply
  • Education: Masters in computer science or related disciplines like information technology is required

  • Candidates must be strong in programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, C#, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScripting, PHP. 
  • Both experienced professionals and fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

● Subject Knowledge: Strong and in-depth expertise in the specific subject matter, including a profound understanding of concepts like Data Structures and Algorithm, Programming Languages, Database Management System, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Theory of Computation is required.

● Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to solve any given subject-specific problems (Questions/Exercises) in a detailed step-by-step manner within time constraints on the online platform.

● Communication Skills: Proficiency in breaking down, explaining, enhancing, and developing solution content in a manner that facilitates better understanding for students.

● Team work: Capability to work with and help other SMEs to improve content accuracy, language proficiency, and overall solution quality; Ability to quickly learn and master new knowledge from peers and other resources.

● Learning Skills: Ability to quickly learn and master new subject knowledge through research and peer help.

● Candidates must be proficient in softwares like Eclipse, NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio, PyCharm, Python, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

Join our team of dedicated Subject Matter Experts and play a crucial role in empowering students to excel in their academic pursuits. If you have a passion for the subject and are eager to contribute to the education sector, we encourage you to apply for this position. We offer a dynamic work environment and opportunities for professional growth and development.

Required Skills

Python, Java, SQL, HTML, CSS, C#, Computer Science, PyCharm, PHP, Technological Tools, NetBeans, Microsoft Visual Studio, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, MySQL, Information Technology, Database Management System, Machine Learning, Computer Skills, Excel, Project Requirements, MS Word, Information Security, Developing Solution, Professional Growth And Development

NOTE: Apply Only if You have All the Skills and Experience Highlighted Above

TO APPLY  Type "Subject Matter Expert (Computer Science) - Freshers - Remote - fc" Whatsapp 7717328074 or CLICK-TO-WHATSAPP

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