HDFC Bank Hiring - Team Manager - VRM - Mumbai

HDFC Bank is hiring a Team Manager - Virtual Relationship Managers in Mumbai. This position offers exciting opportunities to work in a dynamic environment and be part of a winning team. Apply today and get ready to experience the power of banking at its best!

Location: Mumbai

About Company: HDFC BANK

HDFC Bank is headquartered in Mumbai. As of September 30, 2022, the Bank's distribution network was at 6,499 branches across 3,226 cities. Customers across India are serviced through multiple delivery channels such as Phone Banking, Net Banking, Mobile Banking, and SMS based banking.

Job Description:

Job Purpose

Responsible for managing and driving a team of Virtual Relationship Managers (VRM) handling portfolio of eligible Imperia & Preferred customers in order to achieve the targets set and that all guidelines and regulatory requirements are followed.

  • Ensuring that customers get world-class services and their needs are understood and met through financial products that the Bank has to offer.
  • Consistently meet portfolio objectives defined Viz. sales, income, group product holding etc.
  • Ensure adherence to Operations process aimed at zero defect transaction processing & meeting the

Audit & Compliance guidelines.

  • Responsible for managing, training and motivating staff.
  • All of the above parameters consistently met by the team of VRMs.
  • Income generation through a right blend of enhancement of CASA balance and through cross sell of appropriate products So that the VRM becomes the top of the mind recall amongst the customers in the catchment for all their financial needs and services, thereby ensuring that the VRMs also achieves the key performance parameters set

Job Responsibilities(JR) : 6 – 8 Areas

  • Business Achievement and Development for VRM & Team
  • Ensure proper scoping is done and target / niche customers identified with ACTIVE collaboration from concerned Product/Sales Support Teams
  • Ensure that the targets on liability accounts, through the channel (Branch and direct sales), are met under all parameters specified.
  • Meet value target for Liability Balances of the customers
  • Ensure quality of sourcing is maintained and depletion rates are controlled.
  • Ensure that Salary credits reach or exceed the expect Salary Credit targets
  • Ensure that all managed portfolios are effectively managed through VRMs and that set targets on each of the portfolios is reached.
  • Also, Team Manager has to ensure seamless servicing of customers.
  • VRMs are made aware of the Scorecard targets & Portfolio Benchmark.
  • Ensure that the High Net worth individuals are persuaded to avail the private banking products and services (advisory, etc.)
  • Ensure that there is cross sell to the customer on asset products as offered by the Bank.
  • Ensure that the customers get credit cards and start using the same for all their transactions- credit card activation push.
  • Income to be generated at a customer level.
  • Ensure that cross sell targets on Third Party Products is met for the Unit
  • Ensure Staff are trained on product knowledge and requisite certifications
  • Engaging with bottom 20% performers and identifying ares of improvement and demonstrating the How.
  • Review Daily Sales Report of the staff and provide guidance on ways to improve on the same
  • Managing and monitoring performance of all the sales resources
  • Productivity of Liability and Non Liability sales staff

Attrition control of customers

  • Includes persuading the customer to continue and if required renew FD’s
  • Monitor large amount movements / account closure from the deposit accounts and ensure that customer does not attrite
  • Ensure that the marketing analytics list on possible attrite, is called and retained
  • Ensure that there is no revenue leakage

Customer Service / Customer engagement

  • Plan monthly/ weekly/ daily contacts for the team of VRMs basis the contact policy & track implementation of the interaction plan.
  • Effective planning & implementation of event based trigger, birthday calls, campaign calls and other defined objectives for customer contacts.
  • Ensure that VRMs offers highest quality of service to the customers and meets expected Service Quality standard by educating the customers to use the Digital Banking mediums for their banking transactions / needs. This is measured iva call evaluations and Sup


  • To review contact attempts versus successful contacts and analyze reasons for non-contactable customers.
  • Ensure VRMs make regular contact with customers for service as well as business updates.
  • Adequate logging of complaints, Reviewing & Resolving all complaints received (VRM, self, branch, other units) within the stipulated TAT

  • Monitor all complaints received and ensure that they are closed within TAT
  • Improve customer communication on closures
  • Check with customers if the process of complaint has been managed well
  • Ensure no escalations happen
  • Preventive complaint management
  • Asking for feedback from customers, who are not complaining
  • Discussing with staff the importance of getting feedback from customers on a regular basis
  • Periodic review of customer base i.e. Contactibility, Eligibility, Product penetration & profitability. Take appropriate action to activate every customer / improve the product penetration & profitability of the customer to become a Primary Banker for the customer.
  • Carry out VoC to assess strengths and to ascertain possible improvement areas of the VRMs basis customer feedback. Take appropriate action- reward the VRM for appreciations/ corrective actions as required.
  • Monitoring implementation of Sales Process.

Business Generation / Sales Tracking

  • Track business generation and income for each VRM in the team on a daily basis, and take due steps.
  • Review leads generated by each VRM and ensure real time lead status availability.
  • Ensure VRMs actively track their leads, keep customer regularly updated on the lead status & complete the lead closure within a reasonable timeline, basis product.
  • Tracking and highlighting possible customer issues on account of improper lead management.

  • Supervisory Reviews frequency to assess effectiveness of customer interactions by the VRM.
  • Check profiling done by the VRM to ascertain effectiveness.
  • Basis interaction logs captured by the VRM & discussions with the VRM, provide directional inputs on customer interactions & business generation.
  • Demonstrate “how”.
  • 220 Sup Reviews per month


  • Conduct internal checks on a regular basis & share a feedback with VRMs on time to time.
  • Lead file maintained by VRMs
  • Requests captured by VRMs
  • CRM Interaction

  • Ensure seamless handling of operations areas such as customer requests, transactions, reversals etc.
  • Handling queries of VRMs on floor and provide resolution.
  • Ensure timely responses to customers through call out/ e-mail as applicable.
  • Handle 1st level escalations and ensure satisfactory resolution to the grievances.
  • Ensure judicious utilization of financial and non- financial authority.
  • Carry out periodic checks to ensure team adheres to Audit & Compliance guidelines.

Audit and Service Quality

  • Ensure all laid down system and process are followed as stipulated by Audit and Senior Management
  • Monthly / Periodic Verification of Auditable items.
  • Review of CRM Interactions & Lead Quality

MIS - Reporting and Analysis :

  • Ensure timely and accurate updates of all portfolio performance parameters.
  • Maintain track of VRM performance w.r.t leads, conversions, income, achievement of portfolio parameters etc.

Staff Management

  • Ensure that all VRMs are adequately trained on the Products of the bank and sales process
  • Ensure that all VRMs are trained on the process to be followed (including amendment with new circulars)
  • Be aware and make VRMs aware of various policies of the bank with regard to customer service and compliance
  • Monitor productivity and give guidance on improving the same in conjunction with the Line Manager / Unit Head.
  • Ensure that all VRMs are sent for class room training on a regular basis
  • Ensure that nominated VRMs attend training sessions conducted by HR, without fail.
  • Educational Qualifications (examples listed below)


  • Location: Mumbai
  • Ctc 8 - 10 lacs
  • Minimum experience in years – 3 yr. Major Stakeholders(intra team and cross functional stakeholders, who would need to be interacted with for discharging duties) (examples listed below)
  • Sales Managers of respective products / location
  • Product representatives
  • Direct Banking Team, Query CPU HNW team
  • IT Department for system related software / hardware issues
  • Channel Partners (HDFC Ergo, HDFC Life, One Assist, ABHI, TATA AIA, BSLI, BAGIC & Bharti Axa)"
  • VRM central team, VRM, Unit Head, Region Head, Training and Quality team, Regional
  • Complaints Manager, Channel Head, Business Head
  • Admin Team, HR Team, QIG Team, Complaints Team
  • Dialer representatives, Insurance Sales Managers, Customers Infra Team, Post Office / Courier guys for deliverables related issues, Vendor Representatives / Supervisors

Key Skills(examples listed below)
  • Banks Product Knowledge
  • Planning and Organizing Skills
  • Team Management / Interpersonal Skills
  • Sales and Influencing Skills
  • Communication
  • Knowledge of Competition
  • Awareness of Banking regulations
  • Credit knowledge when required
  • Good Administrator
  • Good at net-working
  • Ability to develop contacts in the local area

NOTE: Before Applying You MUST Have all the skills Highlighted Above

TO APPLY  Type "Team manager VRM HDFC Bank Mumbai flx" Whatsapp 7717328074 or CLICK-TO-WHATSAPP

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