Senior HR Manager

NOTE: please restrict our search to graduates from Tier 1 universities (Top 15 or so for that particular course). If you feel that someone with 8-10 years of experience from Tier 1 will not come within the budget then let's look for someone with a lesser experience (4-5 years) but

let's focus on candidates from the best of the universities.

PS- But please make sure that we don't look for candidate with 4-5 years of experience who are not from Top 15 universities. The reason we are stressing so much on a stronger academic background is because although the positions are for heads, the company is transitioning from a Family Run organisation to a corporate structure and the profiles that you shared makes sense if there were a system in place and they only had to come and manage it or build on to it but here the candidate who gets hired will be responsible in making that system and hence we need someone with a stronger academic

Location Jaipur

Ctc 18 - 20 Lakh

Position: Senior Manager/ Manager HR

This is a great position for a self-motivated, organized candidate with an exceptional level of attention to detail. Youâ??ll undertake a wide range of HR tasks, like organizing training, administering employee benefits, leaves and crafting HR policies. You will use Human Resources Information Systems to ensure all employee records are up-to-date and confidential and make use of the internal ERP systems to help plan, implement and reconcile the companyâ??s strategic and financial goals.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Structure the HR department to make HR a business partner
  • Build the culture as per the DNA of the organisation
  • Design policies for the HR department and revise them when required to ensure smooth functioning of the department
  • Make a productive energised team
  • Make a talent pipeline and succession planning design
  • Ensure proper payroll processing
  • Development and rollout of Performance Management System (PMS). Make a performance driven culture
  • Work closely with the company CS to implement compliance lags and ensure a high degree of compliance in accordance with the law is maintained
  • Design the processes, SOPâ??s and approval matrix
  • Continuously innovate existing system for excellence
  • Ensure that the team develops timely HR MIS to ensure that checks and balances are built in the ecosystem.
  • Work closely with the financial controller of the company to plan, strategize and implement actions to be taken in accordance with the data from the MIS and other timely reports.
  • Drive development Initiatives to continuously upgrade the skill level of the Organization


Location: Jaipur
Ctc 18 - 20 Lakh
8 years of Corporate Experience
Proven experience as HR Manager
Experience with a B2B or in the jewellery industry would be a plus
Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and Building Culture
Knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics
Outstanding organizational and leadership abilities

About Company:
Achal Jewels
Achal came to life in 1985, is one of Indiaâ??s top B2B Company supplying fine jewellery to top retailers across the country from the city of Jaipur. We bring Jaipurâ??s unique royal heritage to the rest of the world in the form of handcrafted Polki and Diamond Jewellery, our team of 250+ karigars ensure what you receive is more than jewellery. What was Pyramid in 2013, is now Achal. While the values that empower us to remain the same, the technology that we use helps us incorporate the same cul

NOTE: Before Applying Please Check All the the Skills Required Highlighted Above

TO APPLY type "Senior HR manager Achal Jewels Jaipur 7717Whatsapp 7717328074

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